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  • Locker-Hooking, part two
    Click here to go part 1 to read a little about locker hooking and how I dyed the roving used in the rug.    supplies  

    Supplies Needed;

    • Rug canvas with 3-4 holes per inch
    • Locker hook
    • Wool-fleece, roving, yarn, or rags
    • Locker yarn or twine (to lock loops)

      hem the rug canvas  

    Prepare the canvas by turning 2 rows under on each edge, and sew by hand or by machine using a "zig-zag" stitch.

      trace pattern

    Trace the pattern onto the canvas.


    A close-up look at the locker hook.

      sheep rug in progress

    This is a photo of the sheep rug in progress.

      finishing the edge

    I finished the edge by spinning a bulky single ply yarn, and using a tapesty needle to whip stitch the edge of the canvas.

       finished sheep rug

    This is a photo of the finished sheep rug!

    Here are some books that I found useful in learning to locker-hook;

    LOCKER HOOKING, an American Perspective by Marilyn Livingston

    AUSTRALIAN LOCKER HOOKING- A New Approach to a Traditional Craft by Joan Z. Rough


    See my Fiber Links, page for more info on locker hooking.

    If you would like to try Locker Hooking, we have Locker Hooking Supplies for sale.
    Click here to go to our Supplies for Sale page

    Click here to go to Locker Hooking, part 1.
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