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    Fleece and Wool

    Fleece and Wool
    Deer Run Favorite Fiber Links
    Deer Run Fiberarts Articles washing fleece, dyeing, handspinning, locker hooking, felting
    Let's Talk about Fleece wool growth and genetics by Letty Klein
    Preparing the Fleece a series of articles on fleece terms, and coating sheep
    Notes from Judith Mackenzie’s Class on Fleece Selection and Grading
    Preparing Your Sheepskin for Tanning
    Wool Judging For Beginners another good article from Gleason's Fine Woolies
    Skirting a Fleece site also has info on washing, shipping fleeces, dyeing, felting, making sheep coats

    Video-Shearing Techniques with Fiona Nettleton purchase this great video if you would like to learn to shear your own sheep.
    Harvesting of Textile Animal Fibres
    Sheep Shearing a series of photos and information
    Shearing Pattern for Fine or Broad Wool Sheep

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