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    State Newsletters Posted to ASI Site, click on the 'News' link from the home page
    Maryland Sheep & Goat Producer Newsletter
    Livestock Updates VA Tech Monthly Newsletters
    MSU Extension Shepherd's Voice Newsletter
    Ohio State Extension Sheep Team Newsletter
    Amazing Graze the Ohio State Grazing Newsletter
    The UP (MI) Ag Connection Newsletter
    GlobalDiv “A global view of livestock biodiversity and conservation”

    Sheep Magazine
    The Black Sheep Newsletter
    The Banner Sheep Magazine
    Sheep Canada Magazine
    Shepherd's Journal Canada

    The Sheep Book view this great book online
    Merck Veterinary Manual Online
    Veterinary Abbreviations and Acronyms handy when viewing the Merck Veterinary Manual!
    Books about Sheep a nice list
    Top Books Sheep & Shepherding
    Sheep Health & Production

    Net Vet
    VEIN The University of Sydney Veterinary Education and Information Network (VEIN) is an information service for veterinary and animal scientists, and allied animal health professionals
    Livestock Library an online or virtual library that provides access to quality information to support Australia's livestock industries. Its target audiences are all sectors of livestock production industries and the general public.
    Ebook and Texts Archive Download free books and texts. The Internet Archive Text Archive contains a wide range of fiction, popular books, children's books, historical texts and academic books.

    Rural Route Videos Stockdog Training & Sheep and Wool Videos, love "Shearing Techniques with Fiona Nettleton"!

    E-Mail Lists
    Veterinary & Animal Mailing Lists a list from "Net Vet"
    Ron Parker's List of Lists Sheep and Fiber-related lists.
    Coopworth Sheep List
    The West Virginia Shepherds Federation has created an e-mail list as a forum for discussing sheep and goat concerns in WV.

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