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    Lambing and Lambing Problems

    Gestation Table
    Gestation Calculator plug in date of breeding for due date
    Lambing FAQ
    Preparing for Lambing
    Basics of Lambing ewe feeding, medicine kit, basic records
    The Process of Lambing with photos, by Melanie Barkley, Bedford County Extension Agent
    Assisting the Ewe at Lambing OMAFRA, Ontario
    Lambing Time Management
    Lambing Ewes Outside as an Integral Part of Low Input Sheep Production in the Mid-Appalachian Region
    Care of Ewes and Lambs at Lambing
    Suggested Lambing/Kidding Supplies
    Management of Triplet-Rearing Ewes - A summary of information

    Lamb Care
    Care of the Newborn Lamb OMAFRA, Ontario
    Triplet Lamb Survival a study from New Zealand
    Care of the Newborn Lamb
    Newborn Lamb Management
    Suckling Lamb Health
    Baby Lamb Care

    Lambing Problems
    Pregnancy Disease - A Flock Perspective
    Diseases and Disorders Commonly Seen in Ewes Just Prior to, or Shortly After, Lambing
    Pregnancy Toxaemia and Hypocalcaemia ketosis and milk fever- recognition, causes and treatment
    Milk Fever or Hypocalcemia
    Dystocia (difficult birth)
    Assisting the Ewe at Lambing
    Hypothermia in Newborn Lambs recognizing and treating
    Hypothermia in Newborn Lambs Ontario, contains info on giving intra peritoneal injection of glucose solution
    Stomach Tubing Young Lambs
    TUBE FEEDING NEONATAL SMALL RUMINANTS excellent article with photos

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