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    Health/Diseases and Parasites

    See also Publications, Books & Videos, E-Newsletters, and E-Mail Lists for veterainary search engines and publications.

    Condition Scoring Find out if your are sheep too fat/thin
    General Health Care of Sheep and Goats
    Sheep Health & Production A course for Veterinary Science students University of Sydney
    Diseases of goats
    Merck Veterinary Manual Online
    Medicine Cabinet for Sheep and Goat Producers
    Sheep Diseases A-Z by Susan Schoenian
    Diseases of Sheep CSU
    Sheep Diseases By R. M. Jordan, U of MN
    Index of Sheep Diseases
    The Compendium of Animal Health & Welfare in Organic Farming health and welfare issues on organic farms, and a listing of the major disease of cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry
    Livestock Health Beat health and nutrition information
    Infectious Causes of Abortion in Ewes
    Caseous Lymphadenitis Cleon V. Kimberling, D.V.M
    Caseous Lymphadenitis a more extensive article
    Caseous Lymphadenitis in Goats with supplemental comments about Sheep, by John S. Glenn, DVM, Ph.D. Extension Veterinarian - UC Davis
    Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP)
    OPP Concerned Sheep Breeders Society
    Update on Testing for Scrapie
    Johne's Disease in Sheep and Goats
    The Use of Vaccines in Sheep
    Sheep Vet Online managed and edited by veterinarians
    Urinary Calculi (Waterbelly)
    Diarrhea (Scours) in Small Ruminants causes and treatments
    E-Coli Scours- "watery mouth"
    Veterinary Abbreviations and Acronyms
    A Sick Sheep Is a Dead Sheep ... or maybe not
    White muscle and other selenium-responsive diseases of livestock
    USDA Scrapie Disease Information Flock Status Definitions and Enrollment Information
    Don't Neglect Those Feet and Hooves

    Drug Use in Sheep
    Antiobiotics Commonly Used in Livestock Production
    Drugs (Anthelmintics) Commonly Used to Control Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants in the U.S.
    Products Used to Treat and/or Prevent Coccidiosis in Livestock
    Products Used to Treat and Control External Parasites in Livestock
    Vaccines (Biologics) Used in the Sheep and Goat Industry

    Internal Parasites
    Internal Parasite Control Sheep 201- a good overview
    Conflicting information about worm control this article helps clear up some myths and old info
    Heresy pt. 1- new thinking in worm control By Dr. William Shulaw, Extension Veterinarian, The Ohio State University
    More Heresy pt.2
    Helminth Diseases of Sheep a good intoduction to worms and worm controls
    Parasitology by Dr Nick Sangster, Univ. of Sydney
    More Parasitology General Symptoms, Types and life cycles, sample preparation & examination
    Parasitology Identification Tutorial information on common veterinary parasites, pictures of samples
    Available Sheep Anthelmintics (Dewormers) a detailed review of wormer medications from Joe Rook
    Drugs (Anthelmintics) Used to Control Internal Parasites table of "wormers" with specificity & dosages
    Handling Internal Worm Parasitism in Sheep
    MD Small Ruminants/Parasites
    Photo of sheep with "bottle jaw"
    Fighting and Winning the Parasite Battle in Sheep
    Controlling Internal Parasites in Sheep
    Internal Parasites General Symptoms of Internal Parasites, Types of worms and their life cycles, Anthelmintics
    Control of Internal Parasites in Sheep VA Tech
    Meningeal Worm Infection in Llamas and Alpacas
    Meningeal Worms in Sheep
    Wormer- Costs and Effectiveness
    Fighting and Winning the Parasite Battle in Sheep
    Sheep Worm Control
    Nutrition to Control Worms in Sheep
    How to Test for Worm Resistance
    Benefits of Breeding for Worm Resistance
    Internal ParasitesTreatment, Drench resistance, effect of nutrition, breeding sheep with resistance to internal parasites, future technologies
    What's New in Parasite Research?
    Update on Managing Internal Parasites VA Tech, 4/04
    Parasite Control in Sheep: Biologic Approaches for the New Millennium
    Managing Internal Parasitism in Sheep and Goats from Purdue
    WormBoss aim is to reduce drenching and minimise the onset of drench resistance while increasing animal productivity and profitability.
    Barber's pole worm (Haemonchus contortus) article from AU- life cycle, diagnosis, treatment
    American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control an organization with a mission of developing methods for sustainable control of internal parasites in small ruminants, and educating shepherds
    Treatment And Control of Coccidia in Sheep

    External Parasites
    Sheep Insect Management Sheep Ked, Lice, Scab, Nose Bot Fly, Flies, Biting Gnats, Spinose Ear Tick
    Sheep Lice

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