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    Feeding/Nutrition, Pastures, and Minerals

    Montana State University’s Sheep Ration Program FREE online program designed to help producers meet the nutritional needs of their sheep with available forages and feeds.
    Nutrition: Sheep: Introduction Merck Vet Manual
    Nutrient Requirements of Sheep
    Basic Ration Balancing
    Feeding Sheep by Steven H. Umberger, Extension Animal Scientist, Virginia Tech
    Feeding Ewes North Central Regional Extention Publication
    Nutritional Management of the Sheep Flock by Kristen A. Johnson, WSU Animal Scientist
    Frequently Asked Questions on Sheep Nutrition
    Feeding Guides for Ewes by Ted H. Doane, Neb. Extension Sheep Specialist
    Strategies for Feeding the Ewe Flock by Robert M. Jordan, Univ. of MN
    Feeding Ewes with Triplets
    Feeding Ewes for Increased Production by Dan Morrical
    Feeding Prolific Ewes In Late Pregnancy And Rearing Triplet Lambs
    Management of Triplet Ewes - A summary of information
    Management to Maximise Lamb Production from Prolific Ewes A Coopworth Bulletin
    A Pasture System for Prolific Sheep
    Don't Overfeed Replacement Ewe Lambs
    Importance of Protein
    Care and Feeding of your Lamb by Dr. Marie Bulgin
    Feed Hay First by Bill McCutcheon - Sheep Specialist/OMAF
    Time of Feeding Can Effect Your Bottom Line
    Condition Scoring

    Drought Feeding
    Coping with Drought
    Feeding in Drought VA Tech
    Reduced Hay rations by Joe Rook
    Our Experiences Feeding a Reduced Hay Ration
    Economical Alternative Feeds for Sheep
    Drought Options Feeding Corn to Sheep

    Pastures: Sustainable Management
    Fence-Building References
    Planning Fencing Systems For Controlled Grazing VA Tech article
    Controlled Grazing of Virginia's Pastures VA Tech article
    Amazing Graze the Ohio State Grazing Newsletter
    Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide Images and descriptions of many species of terrestrial and aquatic weeds in Virginia.
    Weed Identification Key and species accounts for 172 species from the University of Illinois.
    Weed Identification
    USDA Plants Database provides information about plants of the U.S. and its territories, includes names, distributional data, images, crop information

    Hay Production Resources for New York and Similar Climates covers almost every aspectof hay production
    WVU Extension Service Hay for Sale a list of people in the northeast region of the United States who have a supply of hay available for sale, includes links to other website listings of Hay For Sale.
    Virginia-VDACS hay clearing house
    VDACS out-of state sources for hay
    The Virginia Cattlemen’s Association hay clearinghouse

    Toxic Plants
    Prussic Acid and Nitrate Poisoning Toxicity Risk in drought
    Minimizing the Prussic Acid Poisoning Hazard in Forages
    Plants Toxic to Animals University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Plants Toxic To Pets
    FDA Poisonous Plant Database provides access to references in the scientific literature describing studies and reports of the toxic properties and effects of plants and plant parts.
    CDC Poisonous Plants
    Poisonous Plants, Berries, Leaves this site recommended by Jamie, a young scientist.

    Trace Elements (Minerals)
    Copper Toxicity in Sheep
    White muscle and other selenium-responsive diseases of livestock
    Selenium - the Essential Trace Mineral
    Selenium and Livestock-Metabolism, Toxicity, and Deficiency from Cornell
    White Muscle Disease (WMD) in Sheep and Goats
    Map of Selenium Status in US
    Selenium Supplementation for Sheep

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    Franklin, WV, 26807