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    Coopworth Sheep & Registry Assns.

    Coopworth Brred Standard
    Coopworth Origins by Prof. I. E. Coop
    Coopworth Genetics New Zealand was CSSNZ
    Coopworth Genetics Australia was CSSAU
    Wikipedia- Coopworth
    The Flock at Lincoln University in NZ
    Ceres Farm,NZ information about Coopworths, various aspects of sheep farming.
    NZ Sheep Breeds-Coopworths
    The Coopworth Breed, an historical paper from the Coopworth Sheep Society of New Zealand, published about 1968
    The Coopworth in America
    Color Genetics in Coopworth Sheep by Dr. D. P. Sponenberg

    Registry Assns.
    The American Coopworth Registry The registry for ALL Coopworth sheep and breeders.
    ACR PROMOTIONAL ITEMS-You may now order T-shirts, tote bags, hats, mugs and stickers with Coopworths on them!
    ACR Ram (The drawing of the ram is by Jim McGrath.)
    ACR ewe (The photo of the ewe is by Hope Yankey.)
    The Natural Colored Wool Growers Assn.

    The West Virginia Shepherds Federation promotes, preserves, and speaks for the sheep, goat and fiber industries in the state of West Virginia.
    American Sheep Industry Assn. ASI is national organization, a federation of 40+ state sheep associations and individual members, representing the interests of the 64,000 sheep producers located throughout the United States. From East to West, farm flocks to range operations, ASI works to represent the interests of all producers.
    MPWV Meat Goat Producers Association an association for meat goat producers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

    Jim and Martha Behneman McGrath
    178 Lough Rd.
    Franklin, WV, 26807