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    Fiber Links


    General Information
    History of Wool one page from the website of The International Wool Textile Organisation
    A glossary of spinning and sheep terminology
    Ron's Fiber Home Fiber-related Lists, processors, guilds, workshops, festivals
    Wool Knitting, Spinning, Weaving, Machine Knitting, Crocheting & Felting Articles
    Fiber Articles tons of fiber arts articles!
    FiberArts Online the internet connection to the fiberarts community
    All Fiber Arts weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet, felting
    Spinning Page drop spindle instructions, natural dyeing
    Insects that Damage Wool
    House Cleaning Pages Spinners, Knitters, Weavers
    Textile Links articles and links, all fiber arts
    Woolgatherings choosing and washing a fleece
    Tips and Info on Fiber washing, dyeing
    Black Sheep Handweavers Guild fleece info on sheep breeds, calculate amount of twist
    Fiber Arts Sources for dyes, fibers, processing, spinning, knitting, weaving
    Guilds, Groups and Online SourcesSpinning, Weaving, other Fiberarts
    Breeds and Wool Uses
    Wool Fiber Properties iscover how woolís unique structure creates its many desirable properties.
    Judging Fleeces & Wool Terms
    Glossary of Wool Terms
    Wool Grades, Terms, Classifications
    HJS Studio Tutorials fiber prep, dyeing, spinning, weaving, more
    Deer Run Farm Fiberarts Articles
    Letty Klein's Articles Letty is a sheep and wool judge. Her website has articles on wool that will interest the fiberartist.
    Handspinners E-zine A Web Magazine whose goal is to inform, inspire and entertain fiber artists and natural fiber producers of all skill levels.

    Selecting, Skirting & Washing Fleece
    Wool Judging For Beginners another good article from Gleason's Fine Woolies
    Skirting a Fleece site also has info on washing, shipping fleeces, dyeing, felting, making sheep coats
    Fiber processing step-by-step photos of washing wool to maintain lock structure
    Washing Wool in a Washing Machine
    How to Wash Your Fleece

    I Can video clips illustrating the use of drop spindles for spinning wool and other fibers, and fiber preparation techniques.
    The Joy of Handspinning how to articles and supplies
    What are Roving, Top, and Sliver? This Spin-off articles defines these fiber preparations
    Beginning Carding and Supported Spindle
    Spinning with a Top-whorl Drop Spindle
    Make a CD drop spindle
    Free Spinning Brochures from Spin-Off Magazine
    Spinning Wheel Gallery identify that wheel! Spinning
    Selecting, Preparing and Spinning Mohair
    Spinning Wheel Selection The Woolery
    Spinning Coopworth Fleece
    Woolen, Semi-Woolen, Semi-Worsted, Worsted Spinning a great how-to article by Rosemary Brock based on a workshop with Patricia Emerick

    Hand Dyeing Paula Burch's website...the place to start!
    Dye Happy Links A ton of links from the e-mail group
    Dyeing Wool in a Batch with acid dyes
    Dyeing information a collection of URLs on natural and synthetic dyeing techniques and sources
    Dyeing Sources
    Dyeing Wool Fleece and Felt a collection of messages that the author has collected from various "lists"
    G & S Dye instructional sheets
    Ashford Rainbow Dyeing
    How to Handpaint Roving and Yarn
    Direct Application on Wool Using PRO MX Reactive Dyes
    Dyeing Roving in a Crock Pot for my locker-hooked rug.
    Simple One-pot Multi Color Dyeing
    Rainbow dyeing with Landscape dyes
    Rainbow Dyeing with the Power of the Sun Dyeing Resources
    Kool-aid Dyeing
    Sprinkle Dyeing Procedure
    Dyeing Animal Fiber in a Crock Pot
    Synthetic Dyeing Information Links to articles on many dye techniques, rainbow dyeing, batik, tie dye, Shibori
    Dyeing Instructions and examples for fabric dyeing: tie dyeing, batiking, fabric painting, low water immersion
    Dyeing with Easter Egg Colors
    Dyeing Fibers Easter Egg, Kool-Aid, and Rainbow techniques
    All Fiber Arts-Dye Information amazing list of links on all types of dyeing, color, booklist
    Pro Chemical and Dye books, dyes, tutorials
    Google Directory-Dyeing
    How to Hand Paint Yarn
    Acid Dyed Yarn Dharma Trading Co. tutorial for rainbow dyeing
    Acid Dyes Dharma Trading Co FS and instructions
    Natural Dyeing Information from The Prairie Fibers Co., color chart, techniques
    Natural Dyeing Basic Instructions Earth Guild
    Natural Dyeing Related Sites and Resources
    Earthues Natural Dyes for Crafts and Industry
    Spiral Tie Dye this is not wool- but is a fun intro to dyeing!
    Dye for Fun/Dye for Profit article from Hope Yankey

    Testing Fleece for itís Felting Ability
    Feltmakerís List FAQ
    Hatshapers forms for felting

    Learn to Knit and Crochet
    Knitting Learn how to knit with free knitting videos & patterns
    Knitting; Learning to Knit
    Spin-off Free Patterns socks, mittens, felted bag, others
    Antique Pattern Library Free Crochet, knitting, tatting, netting, embroidery, needle lace, beading and other needlework patterns.
    Machine Knitting
    Machine Knit tips, patterns
    Socknitter's Home Page resources for the socknitting community
    Crocheted Socks
    Crocheted Socks for Men
    Toes Up Socks to Crochet
    Ribbed Socks to Crochet
    Hopcott's Crafts magazines and craft links
    Bedfellows Blankets Custom Weaving for fiber farmers
    MacAusland Woollen Mill Custom Spinning and Weaving, Yarn and Blankets

    Locker Hooking
    Locker Hooking Supplies for Sale
    Latch Hooking a saddle pad with roving
    Australian Locker Hooking this is an article that appeared in Mother earth news. The book that we sell is an expansion of this article.
    Locker Hooking Technique
    What is Locker Hooking
    Locker Hooking a Rug with Roving
    Locker Hooking with Fabric strips
    Locker Hooking with Yarn
    Free Patterns
    a Yahoo e-mail List for LockerHookers

    Books, Magazines, Videos, Guilds
    The Woolery books, videos, supplies
    Spin.Off Magazine
    Working with Wool - Spinning video- washing, dyeing, drying, picking, carding, and spinning
    Victorian Video great how to videos
    Spinning Groups and Gatherings as Listed by Spin-Off Magazine
    Shop this is the link to their guilds listings. They also list yarn and fiber shops and sell a handy book to take with you on your travels!
    The Fiber Guild of the Allegheny Highlands our local guild

    Fiber Festivals
    Charisma Art Gallery's List of Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festivals

    Sofie's Favorites
    A Beginner's Guide to Simple Hand Sewing Stitches

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